Jason Zhao

Managing Director

As a winemaker, Jason knows and loves good wine. Producing vintage wines at Leasingham, one of Clare’s oldest and biggest wineries, remains one of his fondest memories. After obtaining a Bachelor of Biotechnology at Shenzhen University where he wrote his final thesis on the fermentation process, Jason completed a Master of Oenology at the University … Continue reading “Jason Zhao”

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Jonathon Li

Director for Marketing and Sales

Jonathon grew up in Inner Mongolia in a family that was steeped in the wine industry. He could tell his spirits apart from the young age of five. Before launching a career in the wine industry, Jonathon was an engineer who worked on notable construction projects such as the Beijing Subway and the Beijing Olympic … Continue reading “Jonathon Li”

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Simon Hou

Director for Finance

Simon has been entrepreneurial for as long as he can remember. He started his first business in China at the age of 16, and continued to embark on numerous pioneering ventures even during his medical scientist student days at Flinders University. Toward the end of his medical scientist studies, Simon’s student housing rental business was … Continue reading “Simon Hou”

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Wayne Chao

Director for Business Development

Toward the end of Wayne’s Computer Science degree at the University of Adelaide in 2006, he produced Flying Ostrich, a Chinese play attended by an audience of 500. The experience allowed Wayne to grasp the vast needs of the Chinese community in Adelaide and became a launching pad for the establishment of iAge Media Group … Continue reading “Wayne Chao”

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