About Us

Harbour Bottling is your one-stop wine exporting logisticS solution. Established in 2015, Harbour Bottling specialises in wine bottling, packaging, warehousing and export documentation.

In June 2015, the Free Trade Agreement between Australian and China was signed to reduce import good tax in China for a wide range of export goods from Australia. The FTA is believed to be the trigger of an exporting business boom in Australia.

Harbour Bottling Pty Ltd is located in Osborne, about 1 km to Adelaide’s major port for wine export and Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal. With this great location we provide the most efficient production and exporting services. Our company is aiming to develop a one-stop service platform for South Australian wineries and other export businesses to assist them to export their products to overseas markets.

Harbour Bottling Pty Ltd is solely owned by AWTE Enterprise. It is the very first industrial investment made by AWTE Enterprise.